I grew up on the Island of Guam, the second oldest of six children. My father taught school. Mom was a homemaker. Our family was devout LDS, (Mormon). We moved to Utah in the 70's. I graduated from High School in Utah and then moved to Massachusetts to work. There I met a young graduate of Berklee College of Music. We got married, started a family, then a band, and a recording studio. We rehearsed several times a week and played out almost every weekend for 8 solid years with little change in our lineup. We co-wrote, at first, then when the studio got busy, I wrote with the help of our Band's guitar player. But after awhile it was obvious that the children needed us more than the music world. So I left music and was a mom to 5 children, full time, while going to school part time at night. I graduated with a degree in History in 2002. Ah, but life brings you more than you bargain for sometimes. We divorced in 2005 and I moved out of state to attend law school with the children. That's when I heard Christian rock on K-Love for the first time. It really helped me feel a connection to God when I was feeling so very disconnected.

I graduated from law school and moved back to Massachusetts. I dated a man with three children and we married in 2009. Together we had 8 children, several of them played different instruments. In 2012 I had an epiphany that we should write music together so I started gathering up gear. After writing a few songs I realized that I was having much more fun than they were and it was alright to go ahead and just keep writing. A few years later we moved to the Nashville area and I decided to record some of the new and some of the old songs. It was such a learning curve but after about the third effort I heard the authenticity I was looking for. It was also at that time that I read the New Testament NIV version and realized that the words of Jesus Christ contradicted teachings of the LDS Church and I had to make some changes.  I came to know the healing power of the personal Jesus, who can be with you every step of the way, if you ask him to be your personal savior, regardless of where you are in life or what you have done.